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Digital Business Card Printing in Manchester

If your business card is the right combination of appealing and informative it will provide a cost-effective marketing
advantage over the competition.

At Splash Print we take the art of the business card seriously but we also understand the part about business cards needing to be cost-effective.
As such we provide the business cards you need at a price that nestles squarely into your budget.

Digitally printed business cards are suitable for short runs and prove to be very cost-effective.

The finishing touches below only lend themselves to business cards being printed using the traditional litho method.

  • Embossed – Embossed cards are a perennial favourite because they provide a simple, affordable way to separate your card from others in the stack. The embossed effect is created by pressing a heated design into the card from one side, causing raised elements on the other side.
  • Laser or Die Cutting – These techniques provide the business card with a unique profile that enable it to stand apart. This type of card is so popular today that you need a truly talented designer like the ones at Splash Print to come up with something new.
  • Foil – Foil printing is a bit more involved and requires pressing a foil material into the card with a heated die. The result is an elegant, high-end look that is hard to beat. You’ll pay a little more for a foil business card but the wows you’ll get will likely justify the cost.
  • Varnished with Spot UV Printing – With this type of business card only certain parts of the card that have been varnished appear glossy while others typically have a matte finish. The contrast makes for a rich, eye-catching look.
  • Laminated – Add to the look of your business cards using Matt Lamination, which is smooth to the touch and softens your image or Gloss Lamination providing a glossy look making colours appear sharper or a Soft Touch Lamination giving a real life peach feel making your colours also appear richer.
  • Talk to the experts – Splash Print know about creating the perfect business card for you. We can provide an update spec of your business card requirements.


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