Folded Leaflets

Digital Folded Leaflet Printing in Manchester

Folded leaflets are effective marketing devices for a variety of products from food to high technology. They can act as straight-up promotional items, provide consumers a menu of your products or services, convey pricing information, announce special promotions or convey news about upcoming music, art and fashion events and that’s just for starters.

The fact is leaflets have been getting the word out regarding just about every manner of human endeavour for centuries and they survive even in our digital world because they work.

Effective leaflet design is not as easy as it may seem. There are only a handful of companies in Manchester that do it well and one of the chiefs among them is Splash Print.

Designing leaflets isn’t as easy as it seems however. At least when it comes to designing effective ones. The important things to keep in mind when it comes to leaflets are:

  • Grabbing attention – The leaflet has one primary purpose and that is to grab the attention of the person who has it in their hand.
    If it doesn’t it’s going to wind up in the rubbish in short order without ever being read.
  • Capturing interest – Once you have the attention of the person you need to keep it by providing them something of interest. That, of course, will be the information relevant to your product, service or event. How you present this information to make it more compelling is the job of the designer.
  • Generating action – Once you’ve grabbed their attention and piqued their interest the final step in the sales process is to spur them to action. The leaflet needs to make it clear exactly what that action should be, whether it’s visiting a website, purchasing the product or dialling a phone number.

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