Desk Pads

Desk Pad Printing in Manchester

The printed desk pad is one of the unsung heroes of business that fulfils many of the roles of a great organizer without getting much credit and also serves as a first class promotional tool. They are a tremendous way to draw attention to your company, its products and its services as well as just being handy as can be when you need to scribble a note, check the date, plan your day or jot down a phone number.

Promotional Desk Pads

At Splash Print we print your desk pads on premium grade white paper in A3 or A2 sizes and let you choose the number of sheets, the colour scheme, the graphic and/or practical elements and of course the total number of pads you’d like. You are then free to use them as an invaluable office accessory or to hand out at your booth at the trade fair or as promotional gifts to clients.

Desk pads are an extremely popular promotional tool that has been around for decades because they work. Promotional desk pads give your company an opportunity to shine while also providing the recipients with a valuable office accessory. They’re the perfect gift to hand out at company get togethers or for the sales force to have with them on the road. All of our company or promotional desk pads are:

  • Printed on the highest quality paper using state of the art presses.
  • A perfect way to ensure your logo and contact info are seen in offices all over town.
  • Make-24 hours a day 7 days a week advertising for your company,
    product or service.
  • A cost-effective, value added proposition on par with business cards.
  • Available in size of your choice to accommodate any size desk.

There’s no better way to make a splash than to have Splash Print design and print your promotional desk pads.

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