Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Graphic design is where strategy and creativity meet. It’s where commerce and communication play off one another to produce a result that is more than the sum of its parts. Whereas the goal of art is to make people think the goal of graphic design is to make people act, whether that action involves  purchasing a product, enlisting a service, registering to vote or signing up for a course in graphic design.

Basic Elements of Graphic Design

As one of the visual arts graphic design calls upon all elements of visual communication including illustration, photography, typeface, colour, line, shape and the intricacies of written language to produce a design that reaches out to and piques the curiosity of, a particular demographic. Once the connection has been established the design then empowers the viewer to act upon their interest.

Graphic Design Tools

The graphic designer today uses an array of tools – most of them computer based – that facilitate the creation of appropriate, engaging content for a variety of delivery platforms. Some of the most commonly used tools include software applications such as Illustrator and Photoshop. These allow the designer to manipulate and combine elements in ways that were simply not possible a century ago. This combination of hardware and software means that, quite literally, the only limit today is that of the designer’s imagination (and of course copyright law).

Branding and Marketing

The terms “branding” and “marketing” are often used interchangeably but the truth is they’re not exactly the same thing. Branding is omnipresent in all marketing efforts. It’s the cut of an Armani suit where marketing is the label. It’s the rush you feel when navigating a winding Alpine road in a Lamborghini where marketing is the paint job, decals and the shape of the headlights. If marketing is push, branding is pull. If marketing is tactical, branding is strategic. If marketing encourages a customer to purchase a particular product, branding is the feeling that product produces in the prospective customer that compels them to pull the trigger on the sale.

The Keys to Effective Branding

Your brand does not exhort someone to “buy”, rather it says “This is who we are. Would you like to join us?” In a nutshell your brand should:

● Buttress your company’s credibility.
● Elicit positive feelings from the customer.
● Create a unique subculture the customer is eager to join.
● Lay the groundwork for future marketing efforts.

Branding is the foundation upon which you build your marketing efforts. Without effective branding your marketing will be feeble and fruitless. Branding creates the subculture and the desire within the customer to join. Marketing then provides those customers ways to purchase membership.

Why Splash Print?

The graphic designers employed by Splash Print are some of the best and brightest in the UK. With many years of training and practical experience providing peerless graphic design services for companies great and small we are the go-to company for 1st class graphic design in the UK.
If you require a company logo, booklets, brochures, presentation folders or a website designed, or any other graphic design related service Splash Print are the company to call.

At Splash Print we play a central role in the branding efforts of our clients, producing a wide array of products that reinforce the brand in subtle yet effective ways. We understand the crucial role branding plays in the overall success of a company, organization or team. As such we bring all our talents to bear on the important work of developing the accoutrement of your brand.

A comprehensive marketing strategy for your company often calls for high quality printed materials to help promote a new product or service
or get the word out about rebranding.

That’s where we come in. We’re Splash Print, Manchester’s premier source for top quality design work and printed materials for every imaginable occasion. Our 1st class graphic designers live, eat and breathe their work and their passion is obvious in everything they do including…

  • Business Cards – The business cards we design and print for you stand head and shoulders above what you’ll get from the competition. We understand to our core that when you hand someone a business card it should embody who you are and what your company or organization stands for. Nothing more, nothing less.
  • Flyers – The world is full of flyers for a very simple reason; they work. That is, they work if they’re properly designed and effective at presenting the information you want to present. Whether they’re being handed out on the street or come through the post the flyer, if done right, can drive business success like few other marketing devices.
  • Business Stationery – Business stationery delivers 1 of 2 messages: either that you have arrived and are to be taken seriously, or that you have arrived but don’t know where you are. The different reactions are driven by the quality of your stationery products. Let Splash Print design your company stationery and get ready to be taken seriously.
  • Menus – That good menus are an art form is most obvious whenever you have a poorly designed menu plopped on the table in front of you. Let Splash Print handle your menus and shine the best possible light on your culinary efforts.

Let us ramp up the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

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